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Enzymatic Therapy - Cell Fort IP-6 & Inositol Citrus Flavored Drink Mix


Entrusting your immune health to the #1 Brand is just plain smart. Cell Fort IP-6 & Inositol is the best-selling brand since 1998. This special blend of IP-6 and Inositol is scientifically designed to promote your overall immune health. For maximum effectiveness, IP-6 (found in the bran of brown rice and other foods) and inositol (part of the vitamin B family) are featured together in a unique, powerful ratio found only in Cell Fort IP-6 & Inositol. As compared to Cell Fort IP-6 & Inositol capsules. LS05850.C03 RM22.585C SPINS IP-6 Ingredient Brands; 52 weeks ending 11-29-15; total U.S. X-WF. Immune health Supports natural killer-cell activity The leader since 1998 Container is filled by net weight, not volume. Some settling may occur. Why Supplement with IP-6 & Inositol? IP-6 & Inositol provides valuable health benefits by increasing levels of phosphates in your cells to support your immune system. While IP-6 is found in rice bran and other foods, there are good reasons to take an IP-6 & Inositol supplement. First, IP-6 is better absorbed in pure form without any competition from proteins and other nutrients. In addition, it is often lacking in foods that have been processed since IP-6 is usually found in the bran or hull, which is often milled away. Ultra-strength powder 2016 Enzymatic Therapy, LLC Why Supplement with Enzymatic Therapy Cell Fort IP-6 & Inositol? One scoop of ultra-strength Cell Fort IP-6 & Inositol Powder deliver the same powerful benefits as 8 vegeta

Supplement Details

Product Information
Allergen Statements / Claims Vegetarian Gluten free. No sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, soy, dairy products, artificial flavors or preservatives.
Dose Range Recommendation: Take 1 heaping scoop once daily, mixed in 6-8 fl oz of water or your favorite beverage. Mix well before drinking. Best taken on an empty stomach.
Net Contents Quantity 14.6 Oz(s)Alternate 414.0 Gram(s)
Serving Directions Recommendation: Take 1 heaping scoop once daily, mixed in 6-8 fl oz of water or your favorite beverage. Mix well before drinking. Best taken on an empty stomach.
Serving Size 1.0 Heaping Scoop(s) [6.9 g]Alternate 6.9 Gram(s) [1 heaping scoop]
SKU Number 7 63948 05850 1

Label Statements
Precautions If pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, consult a healthcare professional before use.

Contact Information
Contact Information Enzymatic Therapy, LLC (part of Nature's Way Brands, LLC): , Green Bay, WI

Supplement/Nutrition Facts Calculator
Adjustments have been made in order to accommodate the calculator and may not reflect the actual values within the supplement. Ex - when less than 1g is converted to 1g.
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 10
Total Carbohydrate 1mg 1%
Calcium (from Calcium Magnesium Phytate) 520mg 52%
Phosphorus (from Calcium Magnesium Phytate) 760mg 76%
Magnesium (from Calcium Magnesium Phytate) 160mg 40%
Inositol 880mg
Ip-6 (inositol Hexaphosphate) (from Calcium Magnesium Phytate) 3.2g
Stevia Leaf Extract (stevia) (leaf) 90mg

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